This page will be constantly updated.  If you have a question to add to this page, please contact us at named2015@gmail.com so we can add it!


Registration and Conference Questions

Can I cancel, change, or add participants to my group?

Yes, but after the registration deadline it becomes more difficult.  If you have a person who cancels for whatever reason, the best scenario is for you to replace that person with another person of the same gender.  If that cannot happen, we ask you to contact us ASAP to make sure room arrangements are taken care of.  Contact us by: named2015@gmail.com.

Is there wifi at the hotel or center?

Yes, wifi is available, but we're still working on cost details if free or not.  However, there are several restaurants nearby that have free wifi.

What if there is bad weather we will ever cancel the conference?

Short answer, no matter what the weather we will have the conference.  

Longer answer, due to the fact we cannot predict the weather and groups are coming in from all over the nation with all forms of transportation, canceling the conference would be very difficult.  We had to reserve several things years in advance, so we cannot reschedule them.  Even if we have just 20 people we will still have the conference in some form.

Is everything in one building this year?

No, due to several factors, including keeping cost low and overall size, we will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Downtown Denver with the learning ops and main sessions being at the Colorado Convention Center right across the street.  Groups use these two buildings all the time.  It's less than a minute walk and totally safe.

Besides registration are there any other costs to the conference?

Registration covers the cost of lodging and the conference itself, but it does not cover food, travel, or free time options.  Please plan to bring extra money to eat.  Visit our food page and free time page for more information and suggestions.

What is the cost of the conference? 

It will be $299 per person.  This cost includes everything but food, travel, and fun day activities.  You can register online (starting in January 2015). 

What's the "youth worker" registration deadline?
THERE IS ONLY ONE FINAL DEADLINE THIS TIME.  Which means, your group has to register before March 6 and the lead youth worker from each church has to "submit" all completed registrations by March 6, 2015.  See below...

Registration Deadline: March 6, 2015 (ONE Price, ONE Deadline, ONE payment)

After March 1st, there will be a $25 fee for changing a registration form in any way.  ($25 per change)  All "new" registrations will need to be considered by the planning team for availability and other factors. 

Online Registration

1. Each church’s Lead Youth Worker will set up a username and password so they will see all registrations under their church (more information will be online).
2. Parents then will register their child under that church/group; they will submit their payments to the church’s Lead Youth Worker.
3. The Lead Youth Worker will then place each person in a room, do a final check of everything, and then submit all completed registrations with one payment for the entire group.

Payment Options

                Option 1: Pay online using a personal/church's credit/debit card or bank transfer.

                Option 2: Your church writes a check & postmark it by March 6

Where do I send my check and who do I make it out to?

Make you check out to "USMB Churches" mail to 
Att: Donna Sullivan
7348 W 21st Suite 115
Wichita, KS 67205

Please include a note with your check with these things listed:
1. The name of your youth ministry or church.
2. The Lead Youth Worker
3. How many participants (both leaders and students) you are paying for

All letters & checks will need to be postmarked by March 6! 

If you have any questions please contact us at named2015@gmail.com.

Can my group reserve less than 4 people to a room?

Yes, but by email request only.  However there will be an extra charge.  Please email us at named205@gmail.com for more information.

Food, Free Time, and Fun Questions

How do the meals work?

Every group is on their own for meals.  There is a restaurant in the hotel but it’s higher priced. There are, however, several restaurants within walking distance at the 16th St. Mall.  Visit our food page for more information.  

How much “free time” will there be?

We do not have the schedule set just yet. However, we plan on having at least 4 hours every afternoon for free time if you would like to visit several Denver areas and attractions.

Is Elitch Gardens Open in April?

Sadly no, we miss it by one month.  But there are a lot of other fun day opportunities that are available. For suggestions, please visit our fun day page. 

Hotel Questions

Are the city, hotel, and convention center safe?

The planning team takes safety very seriously.  That is why the location and hotel were prayerfully discussed for several years before being chosen.  The hotel, police, and other authorities will be contacted before the event.  Every precaution will be taken.  However like all cities we cannot control everything and we ask each church to prepare their groups for the “big city.”  (don’t carry a lot of cash, keep purses and wallets out of site, don’t leave any bags alone, etc.)

As for the hotel we will do our best to separate guys and girls rooms (even by floors).  But we are also asking every church to provide a minimal 7 to 1 parent to youth ratio.  Hall monitors will be available throughout the night.

Is there a fridge or microwave in the room?

Yes, most rooms will have a small fridge in the room.  But no microwave. 

What about parking at the hotel?

Vehicles (cars, mini vans, and 15 passenger vans) have self parking for $29 per day.  You can come and go out of the parking garage as many times as you like as long as you keep your ticket.  Please keep that in mind when driving to NAMED2015.

How do I get to and from the airport to the hotel?

Visit our airport travel page for more information.

Is there free WIFI at the hotel?

Yes!  In your hotel room and lobby there will be free wifi.  However there is not free wifi in the Colorado Convention Center.  

Is there a pool at the hotel?

Yes there is a pool, and yes you can use it during free time.  But we ask that everyone wears appropriate swimwear.