We will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Denver at 650 15th St. Denver, CO 80202. 


This is where you sleep and hang out, as well as the area you'll use during the break out time after each session. 


 Do NOT register through the hotel, but through this website (click here).  Everything will be taken care of through this website. 


How Will Rooms Work? 

By registering through this website you will choose who goes in what room.  We ask that there be a minimal of 3 people per room, separated by gender.  But we would really like 4 per room to safe space and cut down on cost.  If you have odd numbers fill as many rooms with 4 first before splitting up to smaller numbers.  (15 boys = three rooms of four and one room of two). 

 Please remember you and your group represents Jesus Christ and the USMB denomination so we ask that you are respectful of the hotel staff, volunteers, property, and rules. 

How Will Parking Work?

For all vehicles (cars, mini vans, 15 passenger vans, etc.) there is parking at the hotel for $29 per night, which is cheaper than most parking ramps.  You can enter and exit the parking garage as many times as you want for no extra charge.  All buses will need to make other arrangements since the hotel's parking garage does not have spots for big buses.  

What about the Convention Center?

However the sessions, seminars, and information booths will be held just across the street at the Colorado Convention Center. 

Just walk out the front of the hotel, turn left and head in the big doors by the huge standing bear statute.  Then head down the long hallway on the left (just follow the signs). 

We ask if you do save seats that you are respectful and have at least one person sit at the end of each row you are saving (preferably an item on each seat).  We ask that the front of the conference center is filled first.  Also there is no assigned seating but on a first come basis.