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Update (the details)

April 03, 2015

Here is our first update of some of the details you might need to know...

Mobile Site:
In case you didn't hear we have our own mobile site.  It has most of the information from our regular website but in a mobile-friendly way.  It's perfect to use to find food, check the schedule, and more during the conference.  And there is free WIFI at the hotel!
Learning Ops:
On Saturday morning, we have Learning Ops which are workshops with a purpose.  The titles, descriptions, and picture of each presenter will be on our website throughout the conference.  Feel free to encourage your youth to visit to learn more and help the choose which two they will be going to.  (Remember they are not locked in to the one they registered with).  
Detailed Conference Schedule:
A lot of people have been asking for a detailed schedule of the conference.  Well that is also on our website and mobile site!  Click here to go straight to it.
Traveling to the Hotel From the Airport:
Looking for a cheaper way to get from the airport to the hotel. Just visit super shuttle website for a discounted rate: before you fly out. 
Throughout the conference we will be using this hashtag.  We also are asking everyone else to use it when they upload posts/photos on instagram, facebook, and twitter.  This will help see what other people are experiencing and updating people and parents back home.  We just wanted you to be aware of this...

Recap DVD:
We are excited to announce something that has been in the works for years.  The recap DVD will include highlights of the whole conference, and you get $5 off if you order it during the conference.  Not only will you get a DVD of everything but also audio files of all the talks during the main sessions.  It's a perfect way to look back on this fun experience years later...

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