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April 07, 2015

Registration/Check-In When You Get to Denver:
We want the registration portion of this to be as simple as possible so here is what you need to know/do step by step.  Just look for the bright green shirt people for help.  This is for Thursday only (if you are coming early see below).
1. Arrive at the hotel and unload your stuff.
2. One person for each room (preferably a leader) will visit the front desk of the hotel and get checked into their rooms.  (You will be asked to provided a debit/credit card for incidentals).  
3. Then EVERYONE (students and leaders) will take the escalator up to the 2nd floor of the hotel to get check-in for the conference and pick up your bag of goodies and name tag.  (Remember to bring your stuff with you since you will not be coming back to the first floor).
4. Then jump on an elevator and go to your hotel room to drop off your stuff.  

What To Do If You Come A Day Early:
Since we will not have registration open on Wednesday you will just need to check in with the hotel.  No need of going to the 2nd floor.  Then on Thursday AFTER 3pm you can all visit the 2nd floor to grab your goodies and get check-in with the conference. 

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